Mentorship Program


The New England HIMSS Mentorship Program is designed to facilitate conversation between NEHIMSS professionals and NEHIMSS members that wish to advance in their development and/or learn about different career paths available within the HIT spectrum. New applications for mentors and mentees will be accepted between September 1st and October 31.


Any member interested in being a mentor or mentee should register with the Mentor Program Co-Chairs by filling out an application. Applications will include factors such as experience level, employment experience, including both employer type (i.e. provider, payer, consultant, vendor) and roles (i.e. project manager, analyst, CIO, etc.), specific skills, what they are interested in gaining from the mentorship program, and geographic location. The Mentorship Program Committee will select successful applicants.

Participants will then be added to a private group where they will be able to discuss related topics and gain insight and new ideas from others. If participants express interest in pursuing a 1:1 mentor/mentee relationship, the mentorship co-chairs will help to facilitate the connection.

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Program will have oversight by the Mentorship Program Committee. The committee will have a chair and at least two seasoned professionals. Diversity in experience will be important for the committee; members should be from the vendor community as well as from the provider community.

In addition to having oversight of the program and matching applicants, the committee will also be available to help resolve any concerns or problems.

Program Evaluation

To determine if the NEHIMSS board should continue this program, it is understood that the program will need to be evaluated. However, it is not the intent of the Mentorship Program Committee to become intimately involved with the mentorship relationships. As such, while it is recommended that each pair creates goals for themselves, there will be a required evaluation with a simple questionnaire at the end of the year to determine if the program was beneficial to its participants.

Time Table:

The program will be run from September to August. While it is anticipated that participants that want to continue in the program will change their pairing, it is understood that some might want to continue for another year.


Please send a completed application to Kelly Gorham ( and Wendy Ouellette ( Once received, we will add participants to a closed Linkedin group to begin the mentorship process. Click here for the 2020-2021 Mentorship Application.