Chapter Advocacy

Chapter Advocacy Roundtable (CAR)

HIMSS mobilizes its members and other collaborators to successfully accomplish multiple levels of advocacy activities that are fueled by its members passion and experience. These activities include educating HIMSS members and Members of Congress and their staff on key issues to actually proposing and writing draft legislation. In addition, HIMSS works closely with key federal decision-makers and the House of Representatives' 21st Century Health Care Caucus to advance improvements in the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare.

The HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable was established in 2004 to help build grassroots support at the Chapter level. Grassroots outreach is an essential part of an advocacy network. HIMSS seeks to establish strong, local advocacy networks that can be kept current as issues change. Chapters have identified advocacy leaders within their communities in an effort to educate and build "friends" among opinion leaders and lawmakers in their districts. Each HIMSS Chapter is eligible to have one or more Chapter Advocates.

HIMSS award-winning Advocacy and Public Policy team is composed of experienced and passionate members who lead and direct healthcare legislative, regulatory, and policy initiatives. These efforts are designed to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care through the application of information technology and management systems across the healthcare spectrum.

Chapter Advocates

  • Organize visits and other avenues of frequent communication with state and federal elected officials.
  • Speak to local media about key policy and advocacy issues.
  • Attend HIMSS-sponsored advocacy training and message development sessions.
  • Working with the HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Roundtable and/committee members to create an advocacy action plan specific to your community.
  • Keeping members Chapter Board informed about campaign efforts.
  • Recruit Chapter volunteers and other community leaders to join the campaign.

HIMSS current Advocacy and Public Policy initiatives are designed to achieve:

  • Supporting Care Transformation

  • Expanding Access to High Quality Care

  • Increasing Economic Opportunity

  • Making Communities Healthier

Helpful Resources

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  • Advocacy News – Get the latest HIMSS Advocacy News
  • HIMSS Grant Advantage – A new member service that provides information on national and state level grants.
  • NEHIMSS Advocacy Links - State-level information for all six New England states

HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Recognition Program

HIMSS congratulates all of the chapters that are participating in the Chapter Advocacy Recognition (CAR) Program. Click to learn more.

For more information or to become a Chapter Advocate, please contact Matt Fisher, Chair NEHIMSS Advocacy via email