Connected Health Conference 2019 (Registration is Open!)

Seaport World Trade Center

200 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA 02210


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The Connected Health Conference highlights the practical, personalized, evidence-based methods to improve the care experience for patients, consumers, and providers. With deep roots in the industry, government, academia, and care delivery, the Connected Health Conference convenes the resources necessary to drive systemic transformation to implement the full power of connected health technology.

Design. Data. Decisions: These are the iterations of change. This is our focus. The devices, data and market demand are in place to support a major shift in human health through connected health technologies. The Connected Health Conference is where the future of health resides.


  • Consumerization – the ‘retailing’ of health, from workplace health to clinical and non-traditional care delivery and ‘self health’; marketing, tactics and technologies for personalization and engagement; clinician wellbeing; acceptance and adoption; best practices from other industries applied to health (from retail, manufacturing, agriculture, auto, food industry, etc.); patient voice, ageism in society, designing a culture of health and healthy cities
  •  D2: Data & Decisions – case studies and clinical studies from the past year, presenting new evidence supporting significant influence and impactful outcomes through UX for clinicians, workflow and data, privacy and security; interoperability, patient access to data, applications of AI, predictive analytics, machine learning
  •  Health Behavior – prevention, behavioral medicine, wellness, new evidence, interaction of device or program design and behavioral medicine; engagement
  •  Connecting Across the Lifespan – health prevention and disease intervention strategies across the decades, reimagining ‘old age’ across the decades (50-100!), healthy communities and connectivity, population health and digital health targeting ages and stages of life


For more information please visit the Connect Health website!